It’s important to take into account your medium, subject matter, and personal aesthetics when selecting the ideal color set for your art style. Colored pencils or markers are good for precise work and small details. Acrylic paints have texture and are adaptable. For delicate, translucent styles, watercolors are fantastic. Choose oil paints if you like traditional or realistic art. Try out various sets to see which ones best suit your artistic expression. 

The solvent used is the main point of difference: Oil-based colors offer slow drying times, blend-ability, and vivid colors. They use oil as a binder and call for mineral spirits for cleaning. Water-based paints like watercolors and acrylics, which use water as a solvent, dry quickly, permit layering, and are more adaptable. Each one stands out for its special qualities and is appropriate for a range of artistic methods and fashions.