Extra fine Gouache colours is made up of finely ground pigment particles suspended in a water-based binder to produce vibrant, opaque colors. Because gouache dries quickly, artists can layer colours and achieve intricate details. It is suitable for a wide range of surfaces, which involve canvas, paper, and wooden materials. The extra fine gouache colors are flexible and is a hit among artists who illustrate, creative, and fine artists due to its ability to create both matte and velvety finishes.

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A splash of history

The history of fine gouache paint is one of artistic revival. When it was revitalized during the period of Renaissance, it was embraced by most famous figures like, Leonardo da Vinci. It had its beginnings in ancient Egypt but had been forgotten for many years. It then went through a French Impressionist revival in the 18th century. It is now thriving as a synthesis of tradition and innovation, with modern artists rediscovering its luminous allure.


Because of its opacity, gouache differs from watercolor in that it allows for easy layering and error correction. Unlike acrylics, gouache remains water reactive after drying. Watercolours are transparent, acrylics are water-resistant, and gouache has a unique balance of opacity and rework ability that makes it an excellent choice for certain artistic styles and techniques.

To prevent drying, keep gouache paints in a cool, dry place with their caps tightly closed. Keep them away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Storing them horizontally can help prevent air from entering the tubes and causing the paint to dry or thicken.

Yes, Extra fine gouache paint is frequently regarded as suitable for beginners. Its forgiving nature allows for simple corrections and changes, making it an excellent medium for learning and experimenting. It dries quickly, which is useful for beginners who want to create layers and see results quickly. Furthermore, the versatility and vibrant colour options of gouache make it simple to use and enjoyable for artists of all skill levels.