Acrylic, oil, and occasionally watercolor paints are the most common types of paint used on canvas. Water-based acrylic paints are renowned for their adaptability, speedy drying, and strong adhesion to canvas surfaces. On the other hand, oil paints work with an oil-based medium, usually linseed oil. They are renowned for their vibrant colors, prolonged drying times, and blending abilities. Watercolors can also be used on canvas, though it’s less common. 

In illustration and art, painting ink is a liquid medium. It is made up of finely ground pigments, frequently carbon black, combined with a liquid medium, usually water or alcohol. Painting ink is highly pigmented and a fluid substance that can be used to create artwork with brushes, pens, or other drawing implements. Rich, intense color, quick drying time, and versatility are all characteristics that make painting ink highly prized.