how it works

Every month we source a collection of art supplies and box it up into a neat SKRIBL BOX for you, which you then receive by direct delivery or the post. The SKRIBL BOX is created to contain all the art supplies you need for a specific kind of art project, and sometimes there are surprise bonus items that you would not be able to get easily in your local art shops.

There are no contracts and no hidden fees. You can cancel your subscription at any time, but why would you want to? We’re sending you Fun and Imagination in a SKRIBL BOX! How could you resist?

Once you receive your SKRIBL BOX you can watch the tutorial video for that particular box. You will be shown how to use all the items it contains and create your artwork with guidance every step of the way

Currently, we serve the United Arab Emirates region, follow us on our social media channels and we will share latest updates and expansion to other regions there.

Be part of the Community

Linking up with the SKRIBL BOX Community gives you access to all our subscribers.  Here you can share your completed art projects, inspire each other with ideas, ask questions about how to use certain types of art products and tools, or just chat about your need to draw and create.

From time to time we will post contests and design projects for Community members to participate in.  This gives you an opportunity to sharpen your skills, shake loose the ideas locked in your mind, and get your art work noticed on the Community forum.  Nothing like a bit of Love from Community members to keep you inspired and working on the next Treasure you have inside you!

Gift It

If you love me, you’ll get me a SKRIBL BOX subscription! Yes, you can share the love of the SKRIBL BOX with friends and family.  Just purchase a Gift subscription and surprise someone special you care about with a box filled with delightful art supplies and ideas! It’s a unique and thoughtful gift for that person in your life you have trouble buying a gift for.

You are giving the gift of Creativity, Ideas, Inspiration, Color and Beauty! What could beat that as a gift?

The added benefit of giving a SKRIBL BOX subscription as a gift is that you will have a friend to share the experience of creating beautiful and interesting pieces of art with.

Subscribe with us

To get yourself hooked up with your very first SKRIBL BOX just download the Skribl Box App and register yourself and you’re on your way to receiving your package filled to the brim with goodies that will excite and delight you.  We guarantee that the contents will be worth more than you’ve paid because we have sourced the best products at the best available prices, leveraging on the quantities we buy to negotiate discounts that all subscribers benefit from. Not only that, our professionally produced tutorials give you critical insights of the particular medium, tips and tricks along with a step by step paint along artwork from basic sketching to finished artwork.

The SKRIBL BOX contains products that would be difficult for the individual shopper to find in one go, and the main benefit is that the items in a SKRIBL BOX complement each other and are useful together, so you don’t end up with random items that just lie in a drawer and never get used.

By subscribing with SKRIBL BOX you will have a reason to be delighted every time your SKRIBLBOX arrives!

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