Markers & Pens Artist pens have been in use since 17th century. It was introduced by by the artists of Dutch Republic in their pen paintings. They ground the canvas with white oil paint and draw on it using pen with blue India ink. They have different types of tips like, ball point, fountain pen nib, plastic tip, and felt tip. Markers with porous, pressed fibers made of felt or ceramic were introduced in early 19th century and was widely used by artists due to it's surface friendliness. The tips of the pens/markers are of different shapes depending on the use. There are fine, round, broad, calligraphy and brush tips. Brush pen, in early 70s was invented for use in east asian calligraphy and art. It's tip is made of brush strands or a soft felt tip. It is widely used by watercolor artists and comic book artists for inking their work because it's clean and easier to use and carry.