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We are a leading supplier of art supplies in the UAE. Our team is committed to bringing you only the best brands that artists use worldwide. You can shop with us online and have your order delivered right at your doorstep!

Whether you’re a professional artist looking for high-quality materials or an amateur who just wants to try out something new, we have everything here for you. Browse through our wide range of products today and find what you need at Skribl Box!

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Our wide range of sustainable and organic art materials, papers, sketchbooks, and journals will bring the edge to your artwork. We have brands used by artists worldwide to ensure that you get professional quality products.

You can find everything from pencils and pens to watercolors and pastels here at Skribl Box! We want to help you make your artwork stand out from the crowd with our high quality products! Whether it’s watercolor paper, a new set of pencils for drawing or top-of-the-line acrylic paints in UAE, we have everything that you need right here at Skribl Box. We carry professional art supplies brands like Sennelier, Raphael Brushes, Isabey Brushes, Nevskaya Palitra (Russia), Hahnemuhle, Arches, Faber Castell, Skribl Box in house brand.


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Our boutique store is located inside one of the oldest Art Centers in Jumeirah – the famous Dubai International Art Center. At our store, you can receive live demos of our products. If you wish to shop online, you can also attain a Virtual Shopping Experience via Video Call to ensure personalized shopping and recommendations. To put it in simple words, Skribl Box, is not just an art supplies store in Dubai – it is an experience.

As our customer, you will get to experience and try top-of-the-line art materials in Dubai that are used by world famous Master artists and art bloggers. We have a very personalised and curated customer service driven approach towards our business, which enables us to engage with our customers, listen to their needs, follow their artistic progress and keep an eye out for their choice of products. All of this is done to make sure that we have all in-demand craft supplies in Dubai in stock at all times. Most importantly, we have direct dealerships with manufacturers, which ensures that our rates are the best in the region. So if you want to buy art supplies in UAE, check out our range and take your pick today!