Skriblbox’s charcoal pencils sets and sticks enable the artist to produce captivating works of art whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. With these fine quality charcoal set,you can capture the essence of people, places, or abstract visions. Charcoal drawing set is an expressive medium that allows you to express your thoughts and feelings, whether you’re drawing people, scenery, or abstract ideas. 

How to unleash the art of charcoal?  

Beginners guide 

You’ll need some basic supplies to get started, including charcoal pencils or sticks and premium textured drawing paper. To get a sense of the range of the medium, from soft and smudgy to hard and precise, start by experimenting with various grades of charcoal.  To get a feel for fundamental skills like shading, blending, and creating various textures, start with simple objects or still-life arrangements. Gradually move on to more difficult subjects, like portraits or landscapes, as your confidence grows. Reminder: erasers have a lot of power. Erasers can be used to add highlights and polish details in your drawings because charcoal is forgiving. Utilize a fixative spray to set your work once you’re satisfied with it and stop smudging. The most important thing to keep in mind is that drawing with charcoal is an enjoyable way to express yourself. Allow your imagination to run free.  


Yes, when exposed to sunlight, charcoal drawings can fade. When exposed to UV rays, charcoal is prone to fading and smearing. Your charcoal artwork must be framed with UV-protective glass or acrylic and kept away from strong artificial light sources to ensure its long-term preservation. 

You can make charcoal pencil sets drawings as simple or as difficult as you like. Although it has adaptability and expressive qualities, mastering and controlling it might take some practice. While it may be accommodating and forgiving to beginners, mastering certain details and techniques can be difficult and time-consuming, requiring perseverance and skill development. 

It’s best to use heavyweight, textured paper made specifically for charcoal or pastel work when drawing with charcoal. These papers’ toothy surface grips the charcoal pencil set, improving control and enabling the development of complex textures and shading. For certain effects, smooth paper can be used, but it might not hold charcoal as well.