Skribbox Extra Fine Oil Paints offer a remarkable variety of hues, each painstakingly crafted with premium pigments. This palette is a symphony of colors created to bring your artistic visions to life, ranging from the deepest, and velvetiness blues to the brightest, sunlit yellows. These paints‘ exquisite luster serves as their identifying feature. When your brush touches the canvas, you’ll notice a change: colors that erupt with unrivaled vibrancy, depth, and clarity, boosting the brilliance of your work. Even if you’re an emerging artist or an experienced expert.  


Tips to achieve fine details with extra fine oil paint  

 Use a small, pointed brush and be patient to painting fine details with oil paint. To make the paint more fluid and easier to apply precisely, thin it with a suitable medium or solvent. Keep your hand still and concentrate on making small, precise strokes. Beginning with a broad outline, it can be refined over time. A fine liner brush or a palette knife can also be used for minute details. Keep in mind that perfecting the skill of capturing minute details in oil paint requires patience and practice.  



Due to compatibility issues, it is not advised to use soft pastels directly over wet oil paint. It can be difficult to get the desired results because soft pastels can be repelled by the oil in wet oil paint. Soft pastels can, however, be applied on top of dry oil paint. Before adding pastels, make sure the oil paint is completely dry and protected with a suitable varnish or fixative. This makes it possible to blend and layer without interfering with the two media.  


While “Extra Fine Oil Paint” typically refers to a premium category of oil paint recognized for its superior quality, “Oil Paint” is a general term for paint made with oil-based pigments. Compared to regular oil paints, extra fine oil paints frequently have higher pigment quality, better light fastness, and a smoother, more uniform texture for precise application.  




It is not recommended to use oil paint for outdoor displays because oil paint is prone to cracking and fading in direct exposure to the sun. It is advised to use acrylics paint for outdoor display or to make your oil painting durable outside protect it by framing in glass and varnishing it with a UV- resistance.