Essdee is an art brand with a rich history and a commitment to inspiring creativity and innovation among artists and printmakers. Founded with a vision to provide accessible and innovative art products, Essdee has made significant achievements in the world of art and printmaking.

A Brand with a Mission

Essdee’s mission revolves around inspiring the next generation of artists and printmakers. They are dedicated to achieving this mission by offering a wide range of innovative and accessible art products, including lino printing and block printing tools and materials. This commitment to accessibility has made Essdee a go-to brand for artists of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

A History of Excellence

Founded in 1997, Essdee has a history of excellence in the art industry. They are renowned for their high-quality lino printing and block printing tools. These tools have become staples for artists and printmakers, enabling them to create intricate and stunning artworks. Essdee’s dedication to quality has earned them a solid reputation among artists and educators alike.

Innovative Products

One of Essdee’s standout achievements is its continuous innovation in art supplies. They have consistently introduced new and innovative products that cater to the evolving needs of artists. Whether it’s introducing new printmaking tools or developing user-friendly materials, Essdee’s commitment to innovation sets them apart.

Supporting Art Education

Essdee’s contributions extend beyond just providing art supplies. They are actively involved in supporting art education. Their products are often used in educational settings to teach printmaking techniques, making art more accessible to learners of all ages. This dedication to art education aligns with their mission to inspire creativity.

Global Presence

Essdee’s reach extends globally, with their products being used by artists and printmakers worldwide. Their brand is recognized for its reliability and quality across borders. This global presence is a testament to their commitment to making art accessible and enjoyable for artists everywhere.

Community Engagement

Essdee is not only about products; they actively engage with the art community. They collaborate with artists and organizations, sponsor events, and participate in art exhibitions. This engagement fosters a sense of community among artists and provides them with valuable resources and opportunities.