When it comes to creating outstanding pieces of art, having the right tools can make all the difference. Skriblbox, a brand recognized for high-quality art supplies, offers a variety of novel painting accessories that can take your artistic journey to new heights.  

Let’s look at some of the fine painting tools that every artist should consider adding to their arsenal.  

A-must-have:  Paint tool guide  

A selected inventory of painting tools and applicators can make the artistic journey more accessible and enjoyable for beginning painters. Begin with a high-quality brush set that includes a variety of brush sizes and shapes such as round, flat, and filbert. A palette with mixing wells and a palette knife are essential for blending and mixing colors. A suitable canvas or paper for your chosen medium. Remember to bring along a set of basic paints in primary colors, black, and white. Lastly, purchase a water cup or solvent container, an easel for comfortable painting, and a sketchbook for idea generation and technique practice. These fundamental tools will enable beginners to confidently embark on their creative painting journey. 



A painter’s vital toolkit consists of brushes (rounds, flats, and filberts), palettes, palette knives, canvas or paper, paints (primary colors, black, and white), water cups, and an easel. The brushes deliver strokes, palettes blend colors, and canvas/paper provides the surface. Paints provide hues and contrast, while water cups aid in brush cleaning. The easel serves as a work surface, and sketchbooks act as idea canvases. These tools, like notes in a score, work together to create art, transforming creativity into vibrant combinations on canvas. 

A palette knife is a multipurpose instrument that is primarily used for color mixing on the palette. Its flat, flexible blade allows artists to effectively blend and manipulate paint. Palette knives are also used to apply paint in a thick impasto style to create texture and depth in a painting. So, whenever you need precise color mixing or want to experiment with unique texture effects in your artwork, use a palette knife.