You can choose the wooden design-made egg tempra brush set with an easy-to-carry structure and durable wooden material. The set will have brushes, different color choices, etc. 

The egg tempra brush set in a wooden container box is highly recommended for beginners, intermediate, and even professional artists to achieve their goals.

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And when it comes to preserving the traditions of this time-honored method, artists know they can turn to us, Skriblbox for the best supplies and equipment. The vibrant, finely ground pigments of egg tempera give artists a stunning palette of colors to work with. It is a medium with exceptional outcomes. With other mediums, it is challenging to achieve the depth and luminosity that the layering technique produces.  

Egg Tempera provides a blank canvas for your imagination to soar, whether you’re exploring the world of religious icons, portraiture, or miniatures.  

A Bridge between Eras: 

Egg tempera paints have a long and storied past that dates back millennia. Their beginnings can be traced in ancient Egypt, used to create colorful tomb paintings. This medium was used by masters like Botticelli and Fra Angelico to create iconic works of art known for their luminosity and minute details. The process involves combining egg yolk and powdered pigments to produce a paint that dries quickly and is adhesive. Egg tempera still enthralls modern artists today who are looking to connect with this enduring artistic tradition. 

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 A popular painting technique during the Italian Renaissance, egg tempera has roots in ancient Egypt. It entails combining egg yolk as a binder with pigments. The resulting paint is renowned for its bright colors, strong adhesion, and rapid drying time. Egg tempera is perfect for creating richly textured and highly detailed artwork because it allows for intricate detailing and layering. 

Oil paint and egg tempera are two different painting techniques. Egg tempera produces vivid, matte colors with fine details using egg yolk as a binder and dries quickly. Linseed oil is used in oil paint, which offers a rich, glossy finish with the ability to blend and dry slowly. While oil paint is more adaptable to different styles and techniques and works better for intricate detailing, both mediums have distinctive qualities that make them appealing to different artists. 

Both egg tempera and acrylics are flexible painting mediums, but they have very different properties. Egg tempera is a matte-finish medium that uses egg yolk as a binder and is renowned for its fine detail. Acrylics are quick to dry, use polymer emulsion, and offer a variety of finishes, including glossy. While egg tempera excels at precise, detailed work, acrylics are more versatile and suitable for a variety of techniques.