If you want to be creative without efforts skriblbox is here. As creators, we are aware of the thrill of drenching our brushes in vivid colors and bringing our fantasies to life on the canvas. However, keeping your workspace tidy and your brushes clean can occasionally seem like an afterthought when you’re in the middle of an artistic frenzy. Skriblbox can help in this situation thanks to its creative art palette cups and cleaning supplies. 

You can continue where you left off in your artistic endeavors by storing your blended hues for later use in a container with a tight-fitting lid. The palette cups and cleaning supplies from Skriblbox are your go-to art supplies whether you’re a professional or a dedicated hobbyist. By letting Skriblbox handle the details, you can concentrate on your creativity while having a smooth and enjoyable creative process from beginning to end. 

User guide  

How are palette cups used?  

It is simple and crucial to use palette cups to keep the painting process organized. First, fill the individual cups with the paint colors of your choice. Thanks to their practical design, these cups can also mix different colors. Just dunk your brush into the designated cup whenever you need to access a particular color while creating artwork. Palette cups keep your paints fresh and stop cross-contamination. To keep the cups in top condition for your next creative endeavor, thoroughly clean them after your painting session to remove any dried or remaining paint. 


Empty the excess paint from the palette cups before cleaning them. Use a brush or sponge to scrub away any remaining paint residue as you rinse the cups under running water. A mild soap or brush cleaner can be used to remove tough stains. Before putting them away or using them again for your subsequent painting session, make sure they are completely dry. 


Your unique needs will determine which palette cups with lids are best for you. Think about things like the size of your palette, how many colors you use, and whether you need them for studio or travel use. Select a set based on your preferences and work habits.  

It’s generally best to avoid using the water from the pot again because it might still have pigments or other impurities in it from previous uses, causing color contamination and lowering the purity of your colors.