Beginners guide:

How to use acrylic ink?  

Acrylic ink application is a dynamic and imaginative process. 

Create a tidy work area with adequate ventilation to start. To thoroughly combine the pigments, shake the ink bottle. Select your tools, such as brushes or dip pens, and combine the colors you want to use on a mixing palette or dish using water or a dilution solution. Apply the ink to the surface of your choice while experimenting with different methods and results. Acrylic inks can be blended and layered because they dry relatively quickly. Consider varnishing it with clear acrylic once your artwork is finished and dry to provide protection. Acrylic inks are a fantastic medium for artists to explore and express their creativity because of their adaptability and vibrancy. 


Yes, when dried, acrylic inks are frequently water-resistant. When fully dried, they create a permanent, waterproof layer that lets artists work on top of them without having to use water to reactivate the underlying ink layers. 

The base medium of acrylic inks and acrylic paints is the same, but their consistency and methods of use are different. Acrylic inks have a high pigment content, are fluid-like, and are simple to work with. For intricate and detailed work, they are perfect. Acrylic paints are thicker and better for covering larger areas with broader strokes. While inks are fluid, paints have a more varied texture that gives artists more options when layering and producing different effects. 

 Depending on the desired outcome, acrylic inks may need to be diluted. Acrylic inks can be applied directly from the container for vibrant, intense color or they can be diluted with water to produce a lighter, translucent wash. Dilution gives you more control over opacity and is particularly helpful for effects that resemble watercolors. 

Yes, acrylic inks are versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including paper, canvas, wood, fabric, ceramics, and more. They stick well and offer a variety of vibrant color options for various artistic applications.