Whether you’re a skilled artist or just starting, our artist canvas boards encourage you to explore, experiment, and express yourself. It’s a medium that encourages risk-taking and rewards inquisitiveness. So, grab your brushes, squeeze out those vibrant acrylic hues, and let your imagination run wild. Dive into the world of canvas panels, where every stroke tells a story and every canvas board is transformed into a work of art. Your adventure in the world of acrylics has only just begun!  

Tips for working on Artists canvas Panels 

To begin working with paints on canvas boards, prepare a clean, stretched canvas boards frames by priming it with acrylic gesso for better paint adhesion. Invest in high-quality painting color like acrylic paints and paint brushes designed for the medium. Acrylics dry quickly, so use a palette to mix colors before applying them. Work quickly, layering and blending to create depth and texture. Experiment with palette knives to achieve unique effects. Keep in mind that paint may darken as they dry. Once your artwork is finished, varnish it to ensure longevity and a glossy finish.  


The drying time of canvas panels depends on the layering, thickness, humidity, and temperature. Paints normally dry in 10-30 minutes. They may, however, take several hours to fully cure. Thick layers may take a day or more to dry. Use thin layers and work in an open space to speed up drying.

Let the mistake dry completely before attempting to correct it in a painting on canvas boards. Then, using the desired color or background, paint over it. For bigger mistakes, lightly sand the area and apply gesso to prime it again. Some paints like acrylic have tolerance and allow for layering, so with patience and care, you can often blend in changes seamlessly. 

Yes, artists canvas boards can be reused. Clean the canvas boards frames thoroughly, removing all traces of old paint. To create a new surface, you may need to sand or prime it. After cleaning and preparing it, you can re-paint it with acrylics paint or another compatible medium.