Are you a DIY enthusiast, artist, or crafter looking to advance your projects? Look no further than the carving and engraving tools from Skriblbox. Skriblbox has established a solid reputation for quality and innovation in the crafting industry.  

Our finely honed blades and comfortable handles make it simple to complete intricate detailing, ensuring that your creations come out exactly as you had envisioned. Our equipment is user-friendly and safe because it was made with the user in mind. Skriblbox’s carving and cutting tools will support you in realizing your artistic visions, whether you’re a beginner or an accomplished expert. 

A beginner’s must-have: cutting and paint carving  tools.  

Essential tools for beginners in cutting and paint carving tools include a lino cutting and printing kit, an ink roller, an X-Acto knife for precise cutting, rubber shapers for sculpting and manipulating paint, a scrapper cutter, and palette knives for adding texture, producing distinctive paint effects. With the aid of these crucial tools, beginners can hone their skills, test out new techniques, and bring their creative visions to life on a range of surfaces and media. 


Start by painting your canvas or surface with a layer of wet or semi-dry paint before using paint carving tools. Then, using the chosen tool, gently manipulate or scrape away the paint. To get the textures, details, and affects you want, experiment with different angles, pressure, and techniques. 

The designs are carved onto wooden objects in the classic form of wood engraving. Due to its connection to the region’s rich cultural heritage and its use in creating intricate patterns and designs in a variety of crafts and architecture, it is well-liked in Dubai. 

Beginners should start with carving chisels and gouges, a mallet, a carving knife, and a sharpening tool. These tools give beginners a strong foundation for carving and let them hone their carving abilities. 

Get linoleum blocks, carving implements, ink, brayers (rollers) for applying ink, paper, or fabric for printing, and a barren or press for transferring the design before beginning to cut and print lino.