Our Painting Brush Set comes in an elegant and well-organized cases, giving it an aesthetic look and makes it easy to organize and protect your brushes. Quality is at the heart of Skriblbox. We take pride in producing paint brush sets that not only meet but also exceed, artists’ expectations. Each brush in our set is handcrafted with care and precision and features premium materials such as long-lasting bristles and comfortable, ergonomic handles. Every stroke you make will be smooth, controlled, and satisfying as a result. 

Art supplies are an investment in your craft. We understands the value of long-lasting brushes. Our brushes not only perform admirably, but they also look fantastic in your collection.  

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Few Tips for your paint brushes set 

It is vital to maintain the longevity and performance of your painting brush set. Brushes should be rinsed immediately after use with the appropriate solvent (water, oil, etc.), gently reshaped, and blotted with a paper towel.  

Store them upright or flat, with the bristles protected. Try not to soak them in water overnight it will damage and make the bristles rough. 


Yes, wetting your brush before painting can help. Moistening the brush with water before applying water-based paints like watercolors or acrylics helps the paint flow more smoothly and can improve blending and coverage. It is, however, unnecessary for oil-based paints because oil and water do not mix. So, when deciding whether to wet your brush before painting, keep the type of paint in mind. 

Rinse brushes immediately after use with the appropriate solvent (water, mineral spirits, etc.) to clean and maintain your painting brush set. Pat dry with a paper towel. Store them upright or flat to avoid bending, and use protective caps or cases to protect the bristles from dust or damage. Brushes will last longer if they are cleaned and stored properly.