Each brushstroke, each color, and each small detail matter in the world of art. In this universe, there are no restrictions on creativity, and the finishing touch can elevate a good work to the level of a masterpiece.  

The world-renowned brand of varnishes and lacquers paint SkriblBox steps onto the scene at this point. SkriblBox varnishes paint and lacquers paint does more than just improve the aesthetic appeal of your artwork. They act as watchmen, guarding your priceless works against the effects of time. They guarantee that your masterpiece will stay immaculate for many generations because they are UV-resistant, strong, and non-yellowing. 

SkriblBox provides a wide variety of varnishes color and lacquers colors, enabling artists to precisely customize their finishes to their vision. For every preference and style, there is a SkriblBox product available, from glossy to matte, satin to high gloss, acrylic to watercolor varnish. 

TIPS: To elevate your artwork

Before starting make the canvas clean, remove debris, and make sure it’s dry. To reduce fume inhalation, work in a well-ventilated area. Use high-quality brushes for a smoother finish and apply thin, even coats to avoid streaks or drips. Before handling the piece, wait the recommended amount of time between coats. During the drying process, keep your piece free of contaminants and dust. Last but not least, experiment with various coatings and application methods to achieve the desired result while preserving and extending the longevity of your artwork. 



Yes, acrylic paintings can and frequently should be varnished. It protects the painting from moisture, UV deterioration, and dust, among other crucial functions. Additionally enhancing the colors and offering a uniform finish, varnishing. To get the best results and preserve the longevity of the artwork, wait until the acrylic painting is completely dry, usually after a few days to weeks. 

In painting, the composition and use of lacquer paint and varnish paint differ most significantly. Quick-drying, solvent-based lacquer is a popular finish for wood. Contrarily, varnish is a slower-drying, resin-based finish used to protect, preserve, and enhance the sheen of a variety of surfaces, including wood and oil paintings.