One of the many art supplies we provide is water-soluble crayons. We also have artist markers ,pens, and pencils. Your creative process can transform into an engaging journey in the world of art with the right tools. You can now access a wide selection of cutting-edge pens and paint markers pens through Skriblbox, a company that enables you to unleash your creative superpowers.  

Our extensive selection of pens and markers includes water-soluble crayons, artist pens, artist pencils, and markers. 

Unleash the world of arts with our tips and tricks  

Some tricks to make the most of these vibrant tools. 

  • Use a wet brush or sponge to activate the color after applying a small amount of crayon or pastel in the beginning.  
  • To control the intensity and avoid oversaturation, gradually add water. Try layering different colors.  
  • Before adding another layer let dry the first one. Your artwork will have depth and complexity thanks to this technique.  
  • To smoothly blend colors, use your finger or a wet brush. This method enables smooth transitions and lovely gradients. 
  • To create a variety of textures, experiment with various paper surfaces. For more interesting effects, use a tool to scratch into the crayon or pastel before adding water.  
  • Examine various papers, blending methods, and subject areas to learn. And don’t be afraid these mediums are incredibly versatile.  

To begin coloring or drawing with water-soluble crayons, use paper. Then, gently apply water to your crayon markings with a wet brush or sponge that has been dipped in water. The pigments will become activated by the water, enabling you to mix, smear, and produce effects akin to watercolors. To achieve various textures and vibrancy in your artwork, experiment with layering, changing the amount of water, and combining colors. 

Different art supply stores and online retailers in Dubai carry watercolor markers. Desertcart, Art Central, and Jarir Bookstore are a few well-liked choices. To view the available brands and options, check out their websites or go to their physical stores. Additionally, for easy shopping, a variety of watercolor markers are frequently available on online stores like Amazon and Noon. 

Pens should be stored horizontally to maintain consistent ink flow and prevent premature drying out. When not in use, always tightly cap them to ensure a tight seal and lessen air exposure, which can lead to drying.