When it comes to creating works of art, the canvas is no longer the only surface. Enter the enthralling world of boards and panels, where creativity meets innovation. Lino sheets and scraperboard surfaces have quietly revolutionized the art world, providing a vast playground for the imagination. Skriblbox offers the art enthusiast a range of boards and panels with different sizes. 

A guide for beginners to lino sheets

Lino sheets and white scraperboard are great mediums for beginners to experiment with printmaking and scratchboard art. Lino sheets are flexible linoleum surfaces into which artists carve, leaving raised areas that can be inked and printed onto paper.  

White scraperboard, on the other hand, serves as a clean canvas for intricate scratchboard art. To begin, gather necessary tools such as Lino carving tools and sharp scratch tools for scraperboard. Experiment with different designs and techniques while refining carving or scratching skills. 

Beginners should start with basic shapes to master carving techniques before attempting intricate patterns with lino sheets. Use a brush or brayer to evenly spread ink on the lino sheet because you can’t undo scratches on the white scraperboard. 

 Try online tutorials join art communities and experiment with various scratch tools and techniques to master the art.  



Scraperboard art, formerly known as scratchboard art, is a form of art in which artists create images by scratching away an ink-coated black surface to reveal a white or colored layer beneath. It’s a detailed and precise medium that’s frequently used for intricate illustrations and fine art. Scraperboard artists etch their designs onto the board with sharp tools such as knives or needles, resulting in striking, high-contrast images. 

Scraperboard, which is usually made of a coated surface, cannot be reused after the ink or clay layer has been scratched away. Scraping excludes the top layer, making restoration difficult. For each project, nevertheless, you can create new artwork on a clean, uncoated scraperboard surface. 

Lino sheets are frequently used in printmaking to make relief prints. Artists carve their designs into the linoleum sheet’s surface, leaving raised areas to be inked and printed onto paper. This method is commonly used to create artwork, illustrations, and graphics. Lino sheets are flexible and allow for a variety of printing techniques, making them a favorite among printmakers and artists.