Skriblbox is your go-to brand for these adaptable mediums when it comes to quality and innovation. Oil Sticks  and oil bars from Skriblbox are a game-changer for artists looking for the luxurious, buttery texture of oil paints with the ease of drawing.  

You can apply these sticks directly to your canvas or paper because of their ideal pigment, binder, and minimal solvent blend. As a result? Bold, expressive strokes with countless options for depth and texture that can be easily blended and manipulated.  

With the same creamy oil paint consistency but in a more condensed, stick-like form, Skriblbox’s Oil Bars expand on the idea. These bars glide smoothly, delivering vivid colors that can be built up, smudged, or scraped to produce the desired effects whether you’re working on a artist canvas boards ,panel, or piece of paper. 

Beginners guide  

Are oil sticks and oil bars user-friendly to beginners?  

Yes, beginners may benefit from using oil sticks and bars. They provide an approach to oil painting that is user-friendly and does not require brushes, solvents, or expensive equipment. They offer a forgiving medium for exploration while allowing beginners to experiment with texture and blending thanks to their tactile nature. To make the most of these adaptable tools, it’s crucial to familiarize oneself with fundamental oil painting principles, such as drying times and layering techniques. Beginners who use oil sticks and bars can develop their artistic abilities and produce stunning results with some practice and experimentation. 


Oil paint that has been solidified into sticks or bars is known as oil paint. They offer artists an easy and direct way to apply oil paint to a variety of surfaces, including canvas, paper, or wood. These media offer the flexibility of painting and drawing at the same time, doing away with the need for brushes and palettes. For artists looking for tactile and expressive painting experiences, they are useful tools because they can be layered, blended, and altered to achieve a wide variety of artistic effects in oil painting. 

The thickness of the application, brand, and environmental conditions can all affect how quickly oil sticks and oil bars dry. They typically dry slowly over time through oxidation, which can take a few days to a few weeks. Thinner layers may dry more quickly while thicker applications may take longer to fully dry.