Dr. Ph. Martin’s is a renowned art brand that has made significant contributions to the world of fine art materials for over 80 years. Established by Dr. Ben Martin, a chemist, the brand has been dedicated to providing artists with exceptional tools to create their masterpieces.

Dr. Ph. Martin’s is celebrated for producing a wide range of premium liquid color products, including watercolors, Indian ink, liquid acrylic, and calligraphy color. Their commitment to quality and innovation has made them a trusted name among artists and illustrators. All of their products are proudly made in the USA, reflecting a dedication to local craftsmanship.

1. Innovative Liquid Colors: Dr. Ph. Martin’s is known for its brilliant liquid color products. Their watercolors set are highly regarded for their vibrancy and transparency, while their India ink is prized for its rich blackness and smooth flow. Artists around the world rely on these materials for their creative work.

2. Calligraphy Excellence: The brand’s calligraphy colors are favored by calligraphers for their exceptional quality and consistency. They offer a wide range of hues to bring life to calligraphy projects.

3.Longevity and Legacy: Dr. Ph. Martin’s enduring presence in the art supply industry attests to their commitment to excellence. Over the decades, they have continued to innovate and expand their product offerings, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of artists.

4.Artistic Community: Dr. Ph. Martin’s has fostered a supportive artistic community. They provide educational resources and tutorials to help artists explore their full creative potential.

5. Recognition and Trust: Their products are trusted by both emerging and established artists, and their reputation for quality has earned them a loyal following.

Dr. Ph. Martin’s is a brand deeply rooted in the art world, with a legacy of providing artists with top-notch materials. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and support for the artistic community has solidified their position as a leading name in the industry. Artists continue to turn to Dr. Ph. Martin for the tools that enable them to bring their creative visions to life.