Every brushstroke, every pencil sketch, and every artistic attempt are expressions of the artist’s passion and imagination. And you need a partner who combines style and functionality – Skriblbox Bags & Cases – to protect and transport these priceless tools of inspiration. Skriblbox is aware of how crucial it is to keep your creative tools in tip-top shape.  

Cleaning guide: 

How to take care of your artist bag and cases? 

For them to remain in good shape and effectively safeguard your art supplies, you must regularly clean your painting bags and cases. Empty the bag or case first, taking out all the art supplies. Shake off any dust or loose debris. To gently clean stains or marks, use a soft cloth or sponge and mild soapy water for spot cleaning. Use a clean and moist cloth to wipe away the dirt or leftover. Follow the manufacturer’s care instructions for a deeper clean if your bag or case is washable. Emptying and cleaning the interior regularly keeps your bag or case in top condition and prevents dust buildup. 



When selecting an art bag or case, take into account your unique requirements. Consider your preferred style, required portability, and the size and type of art supplies you use. To keep your supplies organized and safe, choose a bag or case with sections and features that are compatible with the type of art you plan to create. 

Yes, artist cases can be used for purposes other than storing art materials. They make excellent storage options for office supplies, crafting materials, or even as fashionable daily bags for valuables like laptops, notepads, and accessories, depending on the design and size. 

You can find a wide selection of artistic bags and cases from reputable brands in the UAE. While Royal Talens offers a variety of options for artists, Winsor & Newton provides high-quality portfolios and art bags. Portfolios and carry-all bags are among the art storage options that Artland and Daler-Rowney provide. To find the best options that meet your unique requirements and preferences, make sure to consult your neighborhood art supply shops or online retailers like skriblbox.