The thick, buttery consistency of heavy-body acrylic colors is well known. We offers the finest quality acrylic paints which has vibrant and intense color due to high pigment concentration. Our paints have great coverage and can be diluted with water or acrylic mediums to create transparent glazes. They are adaptable and suitable for a wide range of painting techniques and styles, from realism to abstract expressionism. 

The perfect way to use heavy body acrylic Colors

Acrylics with a heavy body are your artistic ticket to a world of vibrant, textured, and bold creations. Start with a surface or canvas that has been properly primed before using them. Use a palette knife to sculpt and layer your masterpiece because these paints are rich and thick, like buttery frosting. Work quickly or keep a spray bottle close by to keep paints moist because they dry quickly. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tools and methods, including your fingers as well as sponges and brushes. Take advantage of the rich pigmentation and texture that skriblbox heavy-body acrylics offer by layering, blending, and building up your painting. Your canvas is ready for your bold strokes! 



Due to its thick consistency, heavy-body acrylic colors is not typically used for pouring, but you can make it pourable by adding a pouring medium. The paint is thinned by pouring medium while still retaining its color intensity. Combine the heavy body acrylics and pouring medium in a 1:1 ratio or adjust as necessary. Be patient as your poured artwork cures; keep in mind that the drying time may be longer than with standard fluid acrylics. 

Acrylic colors with a thick, creamy consistency is referred to as heavy-body acrylic paint. Due to the high pigment concentration, it produces vivid colors and enables textural effects like impasto. It is a flexible medium that artists adore for its rich, opaque characteristics.