Skriblbox has something special to offer, regardless of your level of artistic experience or your level of interest in the world of creativity. Your partner in creative exploration is Skriblbox. The mediums offered by Skriblbox are created to enhance your artwork, whether you’re using acrylics paint, oil paint, or watercolors, it will advance your artistic abilities

So what are these mediums and oil paint thinners?

The undiscovered ingredients that give your artwork life are additives. Our additives can help you increase drying time, produce impasto effects, or improve flow. Whereas, the unsung heroes of art are the paint thinners. The paint thinners from Skriblbox are designed to keep your paints’ quality while also making them easier to work with. With ease, achieve the ideal consistency and flow for your masterpiece.

A guide: learn how to use these mediums and paint thinners

The use of mediums, additives, and oil paint thinners can greatly improve your artistic journey, even for those who are just starting in the world of painting.

You can change the texture, transparency, and speed of drying of your paints by using mediums like acrylic gel medium or glazing medium for acrylics. The use of texture paste for fascinating surface effects or retarders to slow the drying of acrylic are examples of how additives act as hidden tools.

Last but not least, thinners like mineral spirits for oil painting aid in thinning paint, cleaning brushes, and adjusting consistency. You’ll discover a myriad of artistic possibilities as you delve deeper into these fundamentals, giving your work a more dynamic and expressive quality. Start experimenting and see how your abilities advance.


Pour a tiny bit of oil paint thinner into the container to get started. Use a brush, cloth, or palette knife to dip into the thinner to remove paint or clean brushes. Until the desired outcome is achieved, lightly wipe or scrub the oil paint surface. Mix the thinner with the paint on your palette until the desired consistency is reached when using oil paint for techniques like glazing or achieving a smoother texture. Before using oil paint thinner be cautious and choose an open area. 

The majority of the time, paint additives only slightly alter the texture or drying time of the paint while barely affecting its color or transparency. The fundamental characteristics of the paint, such as its color, transparency, and sheen, can, however, be changed by paint mediums.