To meet the needs of every artist, Skriblbox provides a selection of pencil sharpeners. Your art pencils will always be ready to create intricate details or make strong, expressive statements thanks to the consistency and precision that Skriblbox art sharpeners deliver. We acknowledge that mistakes are a necessary component of creation. Our art erasers are built to delicately correct mistakes without destroying your priceless artwork. Skriblbox has your back whether you’re using the adaptable kneaded erasers that can be molded for fine detailing or the fine-tipped vinyl erasers for sharp lines. 

Maintenance tips  

How to clean pencil sharpener and art erasers? 

Regular cleaning is necessary to keep your pencil sharpener functioning at its best. Pencil shavings and other debris should be cautiously removed from the blades and interior using a small brush. Apply a drop of lubricating oil to the blades for a smoother sharpening process, as instructed by the manufacturer. To keep the erasers clean and effective, rub them on some scrap paper gently from time to time. 




Pencil sharpeners are rarely made of magnesium. Sharpeners are typically constructed from a mix of plastic, metal, and aluminum. Magnesium is rarely utilized to make pencil sharpeners due to its finite supply and the availability of other materials that offer durability and cost effectiveness. 

 Erasers don’t expire but can lose their effectiveness over time. Art Erasers may harden or deteriorate as a result of exposure to air and environmental factors, which reduces their erasing power. Erasers that are kept in a clean, dry, and cool environment are likely to last longer and maintain their performance. 

The way they work is where manual and electric sharpeners diverge most. Sharpening can be done more precisely with hand-cranked manual sharpeners. They are lightweight and appropriate for different pencil sizes. Electric sharpeners, on the other hand, are motorized, which makes them quicker and more practical but less portable. They frequently have adjustable settings for various levels of pencil point sharpness and are perfect for heavy usage. 

Yes, there are art erasers made specifically for colored pencils and inks. These specialized erasers are essential tools for artists and illustrators working with colored pencils and inks because they are designed to remove marks made by these mediums effectively without smudging or harming the paper.