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The transparency and fluidity of the watercolors make them ideal for delicate washes and layering. The gouaches, meanwhile, deliver deep, opaque colors that stand out on paper and enhance your artwork.

Beginners guide  

How to use watercolor set and gouache sets? 

Watercolor paint set and gouache paint set are both tempting and versatile painting mediums, but they require slightly different techniques:  

Watercolor: Start with fresh water, and evenly wet your paper with a brush. Working from light to dark tones, paint transparent layers of watercolor on the canvas. For vibrant colors, give the layers time to dry in between. Wet-on-wet techniques produce delicate blends, and dry brushing adds texture. Use masking fluid to preserve white spaces by masking them. Try lifting off paint to create highlights. Layering, transparency, and spontaneity are essential to watercolor. 

Gouache: This medium offers matte, opaque colors. Compared to watercolor, it is more forgiving and enables the layering of light and dark. Apply gouache thickly for bold, opaque areas or thinly for translucent effects. In contrast to watercolor, mistakes are easily fixed by painting over them. Use gouache for intricate work, illustrations, or areas of vivid, flat color. Enjoy exploring gouache’s ability to mimic both acrylic opacity and watercolor washes. 



Gouache does indeed work on watercolor paper. The weight and texture of watercolor paper make it ideal for gouache paintings. It effectively manages the gouache’s moisture, enabling easy blending and layering. However, keep in mind that gouache may appear opaquer on watercolor paper than on other surfaces. Depending on your artistic intentions, this can be a benefit or a drawback. 

Adding highlights or fixing errors in watercolor paintings usually requires the use of white watercolor. To create opaque, vivid accents or to lighten areas, it can be used over dry or nearly dry paint. White watercolor paint set is frequently used sparingly by artists to maintain the transparency and luminosity of watercolor paintings while adding subtle details or fixing mistakes. 

Gouache is opaque and permits the layering of light over dark, whereas watercolor is translucent and relies on layering from light to dark. While watercolor has a more transparent and radiant quality, gouache has a matte finish.