Introduction to Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints are a popular choice among artists and DIY enthusiasts due to their versatility and quick drying time. Made from a combination of pigment, binder, and solvent, acrylic colors come in a range of consistencies and colors, making them ideal for a variety of projects. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the different types of paint available, including heavy body acrylic  and soft body matte acrylic.

Heavy Body Acrylic Color

Heavy body acrylic  is thicker in consistency and has a more substantial feel, making it ideal for artists who prefer a traditional, painterly approach to their work. This type of paint is great for creating impasto techniques, where the paint is built up in thick layers to create texture and dimension. If you’re looking for a paint that gives you maximum control and allows you to create bold, expressive strokes, heavy body acrylic color is the way to go.

Soft Body Matte Acrylic Colours

Soft body matte acrylic paint, on the other hand, has a thinner consistency and dries to a smooth, matte finish. This type of  paint is ideal for artists who prefer a fluid, spontaneous style, and is perfect for creating subtle washes and blending colors together. Soft body matte a paint is also ideal for use in airbrushing, as its thin consistency allows for easy application through an airbrush.

Benefits of Acrylic Colors

One of the biggest benefits of using acrylic colours is their quick drying time. Unlike oil paints, which can take days or even weeks to dry, acrylic paints dry in just a matter of minutes, allowing you to move on to the next step in your project without having to wait. In addition, acrylic colors are water-resistant and able to withstand exposure to a variety of substances without losing their color or becoming damaged, making them ideal for use in a range of applications, from fine art to home decor.

Choosing the Right Acrylic Color

With a wide range of   colors available, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your project. When selecting acrylic paint, consider the consistency you prefer, the type of surface you’ll be painting on, and the effect you’re looking to achieve. Whether you choose heavy body  paint or soft body matte  paint, the most important thing is to find the acrylic color that works best for you and your project.


Acrylic offer a range of benefits for artists and DIY enthusiasts, including quick drying time, versatility in application, and a wide range of colors to choose from. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, acrylic colours are a great choice for your next project. So why not explore the world of acrylic colours today and see what you can create?