Our premium collection of fine detailing brush , round brush , gouache brush , water color brush and much more are expertly crafted brushes which will help you advance your creative endeavors. These paint brushes are intended to motivate and inspire artists of all skill levels. SkriblBox artists Brushes are your ideal ally whether you’re a seasoned pro or just beginning your artistic journey. They are made with exceptional materials, are strong and adaptable, and are perfect for every kind of medium.  

How to choose a Paint brush? 

Finding the ideal paint brushes is similar to choosing the appropriate tool for the job. A fine-tipped brush with a round or liner tip works best when painting intricate designs or lines. Choose a flat or brush for broader strokes and coverage. Smaller brushes are better for precise work, while larger brushes are better for bold strokes. Consider the medium as well; different artist brushes work best with oils paints, acrylics paint, or water Paints. At skriblbox we offer you a variety of artist brushes. Remember to use natural hair bristles for delicate work and synthetic bristles for heavier paints. Your favorite brushes will ultimately become apparent through trial and error, but these suggestions are a great place to start! 


Paint brushes are made from a variety of materials. The bristles can be made from synthetic fibers for greater durability and versatility or from natural animal hair such as sable, hog, or squirrel for softer brushes. The ferrule, a metal band that holds the bristles to the handle, is frequently constructed of nickel-plated brass or aluminum. The handle can be different and is frequently made of wood, plastic, or even bamboo to give the artist a secure grip.  

Depending on the kind of paint you use, rinse it right away under a gentle stream of water or the proper solvent. When cleaning the bristles for water-based paints like acrylics, use warm and gently agitate the bristles with your fingers or a brush cleaner. Rinse the dish thoroughly until the water is crystal clear. Use the proper solvent and follow the same rinsing procedure for oil-based paints. Last but not least, reshape the bristles and allow the brush to air dry so that it is prepared for your upcoming artistic endeavor.