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Choosing the Best Acrylic Paint for Beginners

Choosing the Best Acrylic Paint for Beginners

Using acrylic paints to begin your artistic journey is an exciting adventure, but selecting the right acrylic paint cn be difficult due to the wide range of options available. Finding acrylic paints that are both user-friendly and creatively inspiring is crucial for beginners. We’ll walk you through the world of acrylic paints in this blog and assist you in selecting the best acrylic paint for beginners. 


Knowing How to Use Acrylic Paint 

Before choosing the perfect acrylic paint as a beginner you should know the basic characteristics of acrylic paints so let’s take a walk on acrylic paints. 

Acrylic paints, the vibrant darlings of the art world, have a plethora of tempting qualities. Because of their quick drying time, they allow artists to layer, blend, and correct with ease. These paints are extremely versatile, allowing for techniques that mimic the transparency of watercolors or the texture of oils. Because of their vibrant colours and longevity, they are a great fit for a wide range of artistic expression.  

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So, what should beginners look for when selecting acrylic paints?  

The beginner should look for; 

  • Price Point: It’s important to find paints that fit your budget if you’re a beginner. Although there are expensive acrylics on the market, there are also many reasonably priced options that yield excellent results. 
  • Choose Your Colors: A large palette of colors lets you play and explore. A range of foundational colors is included in many paints sets to help you get started. 
  • Caliber: Affordable paints are widely available, but it’s important to make sure they’re of good quality. Working with low-quality paints can be frustrating because of problems like uneven coverage and color shift during drying. 
  • Opacity and Transparency: There are various opacities and transparencies available for acrylic paints. Paints with a good degree of opacity, which are more forgiving, might be preferred by beginners. Until you have more experience, working with transparent colors can be more challenging. 
  • Reputation of the Brand: Well-known brands typically provide better customer service and more consistent quality. Selecting acrylic paints from reliable producers can be beneficial. 

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Top Acrylic Paint Brands for Beginners 

 Now that we are aware of the most important aspects to consider, let’s examine some of the best options for fresher when choosing acrylic paints: 

Acrylic paints from the Basics collection by Liquitex:

In the art world, Liquitex is a well-known brand, and their Basics line is designed specifically for beginners. These paints offer affordability and good quality. They come in a variety of colors, so using them to express your creativity is easy. Because of their smooth consistency, Liquitex Basics acrylics are perfect for both inexperienced and seasoned artists. 

Acrylic Paints by Winsor & Newton Galeria:

Another well-known brand, Winsor & Newton’s Galeria line is designed with beginners in mind. These acrylics are ideal for learning and experimenting because they have good coverage and pigmentation. You’ll have lots of options to make your ideas come to life with a varied color selection. 

Arteza Acrylic Premium Artist Paints:

Arteza provides a set of reasonably priced acrylic paints with a smooth consistency and brilliant colors. This brand is well-liked by novices and provides a large selection of items, including sets that can be an affordable way to begin acrylic painting. 

Acrylic paints from M. Graham & Co:

This Company is renowned for its natural paints and dedication to quality. They are a bit expensive than some other brands, but they offer superior paints the smooth texture and high pigmentation. 


Tips for beginners   

  • Invest in a few high-quality acrylic paint brushes. Synthetic bristle brushes are quite effective. 
  • To blend colors and keep your work’s color scheme consistent, use a palette. 
  • To comprehend how colors interact, study color theory and practice color mixing. 
  • Work quickly because acrylics dry quickly; if necessary, keep a palette retarder or spray bottle nearby to extend the drying time. 
  • Be certain to thoroughly rinse the brush after using it, as leaving it in water could harm the bristles. 
  • Apply varnish on your painting when it’s completely dries. Varnish will protect your painting in many ways. 
  • Experiment on different surfaces for instances; glass, paper, fabric, wood and canvas. 

Never forget that mastering acrylic painting is a process that takes time and talent. Try new things and fail a lot if you want to enjoy the creative process. 

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Final words 


Choosing the best acrylic paint as a beginner solely depends upon your preferences and financial situations. But remember that, the key to become an expert of acrylic paint lies in practice and exploring new ways. As you gain confidence and skill, work your way up to a more extensive collection of colors. 

Your journey as a beginning acrylic painter will be full of creativity and self-expression, regardless of whether you choose more expensive paints like M. Graham & Co. or Golden Artist Colours, or more affordable options like Liquitex Basics or DecoArt Americana. 

 So, embrace the vibrant world of acrylic paints and allow your creative abilities to blossom. Enjoy your painting! 



How to start using acrylic paints as a beginner?  

Start with a simple primary color set. Get an understanding of how different hues are created by practicing color mixing. Invest in acrylic paper or a canvas, as well as high-quality brushes. Try out different methods such as layering, blending, and texturing. Start with easy topics and work your way up to more difficult compositions. Lastly, relish the creative and self-expression journey you take on with your new medium. 

Is it easy to use acrylic paint?  

Most people agree that acrylic paint is simple to use, even for beginners. It dries quickly, making layering and editing possible. It is a versatile art form that can mimic oils or watercolors depending on the water or mediums used. It is free of hassle you can clean it with just water. Like any medium, it may take some practice to get the feel of things and get the desired results. Artists frequently choose acrylics due to their smooth learning curve and ease of use.