Skriblbox, a well-known brand in the realms of art and crafting store, provides a wonderful selection of craft brushes ideal for tapping into your creativity. These brushes are not merely tools; they are the path to creating something extraordinary. We recognize that each crafting project is unique. So, we have created a broad range of craft paint brushes. Crafting can be a labor of love that calls for many hours of dedication. Skriblbox prioritizes your comfort and prepares its brushes with ergonomic handles, allowing you to craft for several hours without annoyance or tiredness.

Tips for craft brushes  

The right hobby brushes and craft paint brushes are essential for successful creative projects. Familiarize yourself with different brush types, such as round, flat, filbert, and liner brushes, and learn how to use them. Think about the bristle material: synthetic for longevity, natural for mediums such as oil paints. Choose the right brush size according to your project; smaller brushes are excellent for intricate details, while larger brushes cover larger areas more efficiently. Cleaning brushes immediately after use, using suitable cleaning agents for your medium, and reshaping the bristles to prevent damage are all essential. Investing in high-quality brushes can improve your hobby and craft experience and results. 


Soak a hard paint brush in soapy water that is warm for a while or overnight to loosen it. To release the hardened paint, delicately agitate the bristles. If the brush has stubborn paint debris, carefully scrub it away with a brush comb or a worn-out toothbrush. Wash the brush thoroughly with water, reshape the bristles, and allow it to dry naturally. Avoid using hot water as they may harm the bristles. 

Cleaning acrylic paint brushes is essential for preserving their quality. Rinse brushes in water after painting to remove excess paint. Use a small amount of soap with warm water to thoroughly clean the bristles before rinsing the brush with tap water. Avoid using hot water it might hurt the bristles. Brushes should be dried with a clean cloth, bristles reshaped, and stored upright or flat to keep their shape. Cleaning your brushes on a regular basis ensures that they last longer and perform better.