It’s simple to overlook the basic pleasures of putting pen to paper in a world dominated by digital screens and fast-paced living. Skriblbox is here to remind you of the magic of coloring, though, for those of you who treasure the meditative sensation of color meeting canvas and the satisfaction of a perfectly shaded masterpiece.  

Our pencils box offer an unmatched selection of colors to realize your vision, whether you enjoy intricate adult coloring books or creating your masterpieces.  

Our pencils box are made to be sturdy, so they won’t break or wear out easily, ensuring that your creativity can flow unhindered. 

So why wait? Take a colorful adventure today by grabbing your Skriblbox coloring pencil set or pencil box. Skriblbox has your creative back, one vivid color at a time, whether you’re creating a whole new world, filling in complex designs, or just adding your unique touch to the pages of your life. 

 Beginners guide:

How to use colored pencils sets?  

Applying pigmented cores to paper with colored pencils set results in colorful drawings. Use appropriate paper and good colored pencils box set to start. To achieve the desired shades and depth, start with light strokes and gradually layer colors. Test out various pressures to see what affects you can get. Smooth transitions between colors can be achieved by blending pencils or solvents. To add texture and dimension, use techniques like shading, crosshatching, and stippling. Use erasers to make corrections and keep your pencils sharp for accuracy. Practice frequently to sharpen your abilities, and keep in mind that patience and creativity are essential to mastering the use of colored pencils. 


Colored pencil quality and usage affect how long they last. Even with frequent use, high-quality colored pencils can last for several years. A set of 24 to 36 colors, however, might last six months to a year if used frequently. Avoid applying too much pressure, keep them sharp, and store them properly to increase their lifespan. Colored pencils can inspire endless hours of imaginative fun when used properly. 

The “best” colored pencil set in Dubai will depend on the needs and preferences of each person. However, highly regarded brands recognized for their excellence and performance include Prismacolor Premier colored pencils, Faber-Castell Polychromes, and Caran d’Ache Luminance. Bright colors, easy blending, and lightfastness are all features of these sets. Before making a decision, it is advised to check out nearby art supply shops in Dubai, learn about their selection, read customer reviews, and take into account your unique artistic requirements.