Soft body acrylic paints have a thinner consistency than heavy body acrylics, making brushwork and application much easier. These paints are the ideal companion for any artist’s creative journey thanks to their stunning variety of colors, fluid flexibility, and eco-conscious approach. So grab your brushes and start your next artistic journey with SkriblBox as your creative inspiration. 

Symphony of colors 

By layering colors embrace their transparency. Build depth and complexity gradually, starting with a light wash. An incredible variety of colours can be found in SkriblBox soft body acrylic colours. We offer a wide range of colours that are sure to inspire any artist, from vibrant primary hues to delicate pastels and rich earth tones. Each brushstroke is a visual feast due to the pigments’ stunning brilliance. Blending works best with soft body acrylics. To create smooth colour transitions, use a palette knife or brushes. These paints blend easily due to their fluidity. 

Soft body acrylic colours provide a balance between fluidity and control, making them like an artist’s ideal palette. With the help of these suggestions, you’ll bring out their full potential and produce stunning works of art that captivate the senses and stir the spirit. 


Start with a primed surface to use soft body acrylic paint effectively. Utilize brushes to apply colour or pour directly for fluid effects. To add depth and subtlety, embrace layering and blending. For transparency, dilute with water, or add mediums for texture. Tools should be promptly cleaned, and varnish can be used to protect finished products. 

Acrylic paints with a soft body have a fluid consistency that is perfect for glazing, blending, and smooth brushwork. Acrylics with a heavy body are buttery and thick. Transparency is provided by soft bodies, while intense pigmentation is provided by heavy bodies. Both are water-soluble and have quick drying time.

Acrylic paints with a soft body do indeed work well on canvas. Their fluid nature enables seamless brushwork and layering. They are great for achieving translucent washes, fine details, and blended effects and, despite not being as thick as heavy body acrylics, are suitable for a variety of canvas styles.