Our brushes’ ergonomic design ensures comfort during long periods of creation. These oil paint brushes have seen masterpieces emerge, expressing the artist’s journey from imagination to creation. Skribl Oil Brushes are more than just tools; they connect your creative spirit to the canvas. 

Beginner’s Guide to Oil Paint Brushes 

Understanding brush types is the first step in learning how to use oil paint brushes. Round, flat, filbert and fan brushes each serve a specific purpose. Brushes with natural bristles (hog, sable) work well with oil paints. Small, thin brushes are ideal for detailing, while larger brushes are ideal for broad strokes. Keep the brush’s shape by washing it with solvent, soap, and water and reshaping the bristles for longevity. Experiment with glazing and impasto techniques, as well as styles and quality brushes. Oil painting requires proper care and patience to master, facilitating your creativity to flourish with each stroke.  

Some of the most important brush techniques for oil painting  

Glazing (layering translucent colors for depth), impasto (thickly applied paint for texture), scumbling (softening with a dry brush for subtle tones), and blending (creating smooth transitions between colors) are all essential oil painting brush techniques. Dry brushing also adds fine texture and details to your artwork.  

These techniques enable artists to achieve a wide range of effects, from vibrant color layers to delicate nuances in oil paintings. 



To soften the brush bristles that have become stiff or damaged, soak them in a brush conditioner or oil for a few minutes to hours depending upon the rigidity. To keep the brush in working order, consider trimming or replacing it if the damage is serious.

Choose the brush size according to your artwork. For instance, smaller brushes are better for detailed work, while larger brushes are better for broad strokes. Having a variety of brush sizes allows you to be more versatile in your artwork, catering to fine details as well as larger areas of coverage in your painting.