Skriblbox provides a diverse range of watercolor brushes with different shapes and sizes to meet a variety of artistic needs. There’s a brush for every technique, from fine-tipped round brushes for fine details to large flat brushes for bold strokes. The variety of Skriblbox allows artists to easily experiment and explore new styles.  

Our brushes are expertly created and designed with care. The bristles are made of premium materials to ensure an uniform paint application. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist, these brushes offer exceptional control and versatility. An established name in the art supply market, Skriblbox has consistently led the way in terms of both reliability and creativity. Our watercolor brushes are no different. 


These brushes aren’t just for painting with watercolors. They can also be used with water-based mediums such as gouache and acrylics. Skriblbox watercolour brushes are a great pick for artists who like experimenting in a variety of mediums due to their versatility. 



While any brush can be used for watercolor painting, specialized watercolor brushes have been created to retain water and pigment efficiently. They provide greater control, preciseness, and versatility in achieving the intended effects in watercolor paintings. Using the right brush makes painting simpler and more satisfying. 

Organic hair bristles, such as Kolinsky sable or squirrel, or synthetic brushes aimed at imitating these natural hairs, are typically used in the best watercolour brush set. Round brushes are useful for a variety of techniques, whereas flat brushes are ideal for washes and massive areas. The decision is based on your preferences, budget, and what you’re seeking to achieve in your watercolor artwork. 

To clean and care for watercolor brushes, thoroughly rinse them in clean water after each use to remove paint residues. Avoid submerging brushes in water for extended periods, as this can damage the bristles. Deep clean the brushes regularly with gentle brush cleaner or soap, gently reshaping the bristles. To keep their shape, keep them upright or flat. Proper brush care keeps your brushes in great shape and ready for your next artistic endeavor.